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Beep Repaired Family Tree II Various Artists
"Beep Repaired Family Tree II"
Our second "Family Tree" sampler snapshots two albums' worth of music from dozens of artists (see track listing) orbiting the Beep Repaired universe. The "Engine Disk" and "Organs Disk" offer a mix of experimental pop, thundering rock, folk, electronic and things in between. 37 tracks in hand-screened paper packaging!

Track Listing:

Disc 1 ("Engines"):
1. Sweet Potatoes - Ain't No Lie
2. Oars - Black Eyes
3. Sequin Socks - Gears Of Fire
4. Unlearn - Still Life with Actress
5. Brittain Ashford - I Just Want To Be Your Girl
6. Corespondents - Drooplets
7. Leaf Language - The Numberless Life
8. Snowman Plan - Cancerhands
9. Choncey Langford - Projections
10. The Curious Mystery - PB & J
11. The Graze - Picky
12. Cock and Swan - Sunset Burns
13. Levi Fuller - Mouse On Fire
14. Autopilot is for Lovers - Whalebelly
15. Beast, Please Be Still - Mastodon March, Smilodon Smile
16. Hecka Ar - Things Resemble
17. The Leasure Hive - Beyond the Sunset
18. blicky - Virginia to Nowhere

Disc 2 ("Organs"):
1. The Whoremoans - Wall of a Song
2. The Iron Clads - Cape Canaveral
3. The Bismarck - Council Bluffs Butcher
4. Low Red Land - Landmark
5. Lonesome Shack - Peaches
6. Contraband Country Band - Golden State
7. Navigator Vs. Navigator - Old Time Radio
8. Lake of Falcons - Ink and Snow
9. Dead Doctors - Bowties and Lipstick
10. Police Teeth - Hatchet Wound City
11. Yonderlow - How Do You Ride
12. Webelos - Broken Mug Blues
13. Smile Brigade - Red Door
14. Baby Sloth - Arms
15. Virgin of the Birds - Voices and Vigils
16. Happy Birthday Weapon - Tie Le Null
17. H is for Hellgate - Rebellion In 4/4
18. Old Man Smithers - FFA
19. Open Choir Fire - Pirate
Oars Oars
"self titled"
Earl and David, of Wimbledon, Pomeranian and Plenty Face, create a DIY hi-fi masterpiece from Brooklyn with layers of avant-pop melody, bubbling beats and mutinous diatribe.
Listen + Purchase Here

Track Listing:
1. Black Eyes
2. Stained
3. Our Attachments
4. Special Delivery
5. Karats
6. Prism
7. We Find Beauty
8. Good Company
9. Junkshine
10. S.D. Reprise
Beast, Please Be Still Beast, Please Be Still
"self titled"
Moments of tender sweetness lead to bone crushing sweetness. This group of seven explores time signatures your Senegalese grandfather talked about, using instruments from before and after time, in the context of orchestrated rockopalyptic soundscapes.

Track Listing:
1. Order of the golden dawn
2. A narrow escape
3. Mastodon march, Smilodon smile
4. The guys at the bar served murder for a nightcap
5. Annihilate everything that exists!
6. Clouds
7. Then you took over
posthumous b l i c k y
The mind altering debut album. eleven unorthodoxly freaky post-wave, psychotronic death dance- rock explosions. electro synth beatdowns, spooky sound collages, screaming phantom guitars, and deep, dirty bass. question your existence while you get down.

Track Listing:
1. dead on arrival
2. give it up
3. idol
4. virgin soul
5. driver
6. fight fight!
7. sex park
8. shyboy cyborg
9. rise, machine
10. nite nite
11. kids
Take The Precious Edge Off This Treacherous Ledge Smile Brigade
"Take The Precious Edge Off This Treacherous Ledge"
The dense melodic jangle of middle era REM, wrapped in the sun-kissed harmonies of the Zombies and other 60's pop groups. Smile Brigade has crafted a collection of songs that get right to the point, and linger long after the album has finished.
Limited Edition Vinyl Available from GoMetric! Records

Track Listing:
1. Distorted Ivory Coast
2. Today Has Not Been A Goldmine
3. Doombox
4. Mayor Of Olympia
5. Rafts On Fire
6. Kalifornia
7. At The Tail End of Everything
8. LWB
9. Devastating
10. Ashes And Graves
11. Relfektor
You Who Pretend To Sleep Joy Wants Eternity
"You Who Pretend To Sleep"
Epic instrumentals. From quiet melodies to explosions of sound and washes of effects, this marks the full length debut by this five piece, two years in the making.
Listen + Purchase now from JWE

Track Listing:
1. Existences Rust
2. Above the Clouds Lies Eternal Sun
3. From Embrace to Embrace
4. Death is a Door that Opens
5. What Lies Beyond
6. Yet Onward We Marched
7. Uriel
8. You are the Vertical, You are the Horizon
Blood of Patriots The Bismarck
"Blood of Patriots"
The Bismarck's latest album rules. Let it rule on your stereo.

Track Listing:
1. This Train Runs on Two Rails
2. Curt Flood
3. Death is for Heroes
4. Tonight We'll Make History
5. To Hell for the Company
6. You Will Not Survive
7. All Missouri, No Compromise
8. Logsplitter
9. Thank You for Not Dancing
10. Sandbar Knifefighter Blues
The Panic Solution Lake of Falcons
"The Panic Solution"
The most recent release by Lake of Falcons. Hand screened and numbered. We are almost out of the first limited pressing of this EP.

Track Listing:
1. Pretty Little Knife
2. Farmer's Debt
3. Stone Steps
4. Firing On A White Flag
5. McCoy
6. The Smiler
7. Shiftlock Overdrive
Dearborn House 001 Corespondents and Pure Horsehair
"Dearborn House 001"
The first in a series of releases from The Dearborn House. Featuring Corespondents and Pure Horsehair? performance this summer. Lots of beautiful music and fun between song banter from these two bands. Visual artists presented on this release: Ian Obermuller, davis confused, Rosa Lazzarini. Recording and mastering efforts by: Cock & Swan, Robert K of Dandelion Gold.

Each release involves a live set by two performing artists with visual artworks and mastering/design efforts in a collaborative spirit from the Dearborn House. This first compilation has a screenprinted cover, each being printed on a page from an antiquated cartography book (making each purchase unique). The house has a growing archive of live shows, so expect more releases to come, with a varying factor of elementals.

beep repaired 

family tree compilation cover Various Artists
"Beep Repaired Family Tree"
The latest from the greatest. Cramming 18 songs onto one album isn't easy, but we squeezed them on there for your listening pleasures. A long time in the making, "Beep Repaired Family Tree" brings together Northwest artists and friends from Portland, San Fran and Brooklyn with many tracks exclusive to this comp.

Track Listing:
1. The Bismarck - Log Splitter
2. Pomeranian - Found Couches
3. Smile Brigade - Dear John
4. McGovern Goldwater Ticket - Alcohol
5. Corespondents - Crowning
6. Lake Of Falcons - Hotry
7. Blicky - Driver
8. FreeJail - Sciatica
9. The Born Losers - Pretty Girls
10. PlentyFace - Stuck to its Gunk
11. Snowman Plan - Gutter Magik
12. Assisted Living - My New Red Teapot
13. Commodore Duchess - Orange County
14. Eric Miller - I Want To Stay
15. The Great Gift Idea - And We Went in Love to the Circus
16. Scared Girl - On Rapel
17. Sun Vow - Dr Midget
18. Joy Wants Eternity - Abide, Moment!
lake of 

falcons cover Lake of Falcons
"Lake of Falcons"
The trio that puts the "raw" in indie-rawk! Never afraid to bring ballistic power to masses in a blackout, spin this platter while putting beer in your bladder.

Track Listing:
1. Panopticon
2. A Bus for Runners
3. Another Mutilated Doll
4. Footfalls
5. Pushpins
6. Black and Beige
7. Front on Cue
8. Big Sam
9. Montana Power
10. Iris Pattern
11. Shiftlock Overdrive
12. Self Test
13. Western Plastic

preparation cover Corespondents
"Warp Preparation"
The nitial effort from guitarists Douglas Arney (Sun Vow) and Olie Eshleman (Wimbledon, FreeJail, Sweven). 12 Instrumentals with much help from their friends.
(Handmade + Limited Edition)

"Albatross" will appear in Lynn Shelton's debut feature We Go Way Back

Track Listing:
1. See Through Pinko
2. Along Time
3. Sven
4. Victorious Secret
5. By and Large
6. The Adulturer
7. Carrying the Cat Like A Suitcase
8. Starling Darling
9. Albatross
10. The Sadist
11. Sea Dog, Sea Rover, Sea Robber, Sea Wolf
12. Sam Hill
the ghost 

year cover PRKR
"The Ghost Year"
Winter sounds and Summer sounds. And Spring and Autumn too. Parker Hill, who also plays with Sun Vow, makes the music you've always wanted to make, if you are a genius. The Ghost Year will tug on you with those bedroom heartstrings.

Available at

Track Listing:
1. Decaying
2. Exploring the Sea
3. The Ghost Year
4. Contrails
5. Forest Smiles
6. If You Go Down to the Woods Today...
7. Out My Window
8. Sundog
9. Morning Falls
10. Brand New Twilight
11. Ashes & Dirt
12. Blue Horizons
the singing 

gag cover PlentyFace
"The Singing Gag"
An orchestra of bombastic songs and cut-and-paste majesty. The Singing Gag is part Rubik's Cube and part Rebus puzzle. Each song can take you from weeping to sweating to broke legs and twisted backs. So much sound from one person, it's hard to believe.

Listen + Purchase now from CD Baby

Track Listing:
1. Groundflower
2. Dibs
3. Take a Finger to That Feeling
4. At the Speed of Miles Teg
5. The Hook!
6. Something Poetic
7. Dead Weight Shoes
8. From These Podia
9. Naughty Element
10. Primetime Breakdown
11. Fishwife
pomeranian (ep 

1) cover Pomeranian
"Pomeranian" (EP 1)
The first of three EPs from the spaz action below-fi movement spectacular. The thrift store buzz of a basement mashup party.
(Handmade + Limited Edition of 100. Sorry this album is Sold Out)

Track Listing:
1. Cough Cough
2. Kaboom
3. Sound Cloud, No. 1
4. Pom! Pom! Pow!
5. Valentine
6. Dim Lit Bars
outsider ballads 

cover R.B. Reed
"Outsider Ballads"
Instantly and forever a classic. Brilliant songs, a beautiful voice, both existential and tongue-in-cheek lyrics amid parlor guitar recall the future.
(Handmade + Limited Edition)

Track Listing:
1. I'm a Hitchhiker of Psychic Landscapes
2. For H. Hesse or Rev. Harry Powell
3. Not Your Average John
4. As We Fall
5. Taxidermied Love
6. Crusader Song
7. Shadow Play
8. Black
set fire to the moats Lake Of Falcons
"Self Titled"
Juggernauts of the rock and indie titans rolled tight into a massive cloud of hail. Music sounds best when it's spinning on small vinyl discs.

Track Listing:
1. t=0
2. Robots

cover PRKR
"The Window"
Somebody's been doing their homework.

More info at

Track Listing:
1. Where Are We?
2. You Drank The Lake
3. Stillness At The Diner
4. Rivers
5. Fields And Wires (Behind The Motel)
6. When Mountains Give Way To Plains
7. The Clean Years
8. Let's Not Stop Tonight
9. Sunrise
10. Return Of Day
11. A Signal Received
12. When We Felt The Burns
13. Coldness On The Other Side
14. Raindrop Reflector
15. You'll Be OK
16. Sunset Projector
17. Rest Stop
18. Without Light
19. The Way She Just Disappeared
20. Summer

adapter cover Lover/Adapter
"Lover Adapter"
A five-song tasting of the future of music, recorded at Palatial Patio studios. Music and words so haunting, so angelic, it breaks your art.
(Contact for availability)

Track Listing:
1. Hollywood
2. Termite
3. You Wish I Might
4. Apologetic God
5. All Undone
cumershl cover Wimbledon
Held together by twine and rubberbands, sleeping under a tinfoil avalanche. The bees that helped germinate the garden. A year's work in the fertile Eastern House basement.

Track Listing:
1. The Ladder Peculiar
3. Swollen Ankles
4. Sleeping Hold
5. Ottomaticat
7. That's What I Like To Call Collateral Damage
9. Goodnight Rider
return of 

the wonderhorse cover Anders Eshleman
"Return Of The Wonderhorse"
(Handmade + Limited Edition. Sorry this album is Sold Out)

Track Listing:
1. 90
2. Donny Osmond
3. The Cry of the Great Night Marsupial
4. Sloe Berry Ham
5. Subtle Punk Lights
6. Freed of a Reef
beep repaired sampler 

no. 1 cover Various Artists
"Beep Repaired Sampler No. 1"
The first of many Beep Repaired samplers. Beautifully handmade, each record contains a unique surprise from the Beep Repaired staff. Enjoy!

Track Listing:
1. Sinestro - Go On Without Me
2. Uns - Landscaping
3. Harry Candy - Hoarse Lisper
4. Deception Pass - Untitled
5. Wimbledon - Polevault
6. Lover/Adapter - Nudebrink
7. Anders Eshleman - Freed of a Reef
8. O. Mendez - The Uprising
olivia cover Olivia Mendez
"Olivia Mendez"
Beautiful experimental folk. Olivia made this EP by hand. So, of course it's gorgeous.
(Limited edition of 200. Contact for availability)

Track Listing:
1. Tiny Liver/Effing the Effer
2. 11/5/00
3. It's How It Ends
sinestro cover Sinestro
Six golden songs by the cuties called Sinestro. Elegant pop music with enough hooks to catch a thousand fish.
(Contact for availability)

Track Listing:
1. For Awhile
2. Another Lazy Sunday
3. Go On Without Me
4. Kids on the 12
5. Evergreen
6. Golden Gardens
Ball Of Wax 11 Various Artists
"Harry Candy Presents... Ball Of Wax 11"
11 songs written and recorded, in Harry Candy fashion, in Seattle in one day, plus one more written and recorded on another day in NYC. Participants include Johanna Kunin, Mike Dumovich, Bill Patton, Seth Howard, Levi Fuller, and members of Webelos, Lake of Falcons, Beast, Please Be Still, Corespondents, Joy Wants Eternity, Library Science, Cock & Swan, The Luna Moth, Oars, Coyote Eyes, The Curious Mystery, Moraine, Twizzle, Snowman Plan, Sweet Potatoes, Virgin of the Birds, Unlearn, Hecka Ar, The Graze, Rosyvelt

Available directly from our friends at Ball Of Wax Audio Quarterly.

the enthusiast 

cover Choncey Langford
"The Enthusiast"
A nice clean dozen vacations into the future. A spicy blend of sound design and dancefloor elements. One a month? Choncey knows what he's doing, 'nough said.

Available from our friends at Woodson Lateral.

Track Listing:
1. Death Tech
2. Melon Collie
3. Max Ernst
4. Harvey Milk
5. Helium
6. Beat Salad
7. 4 On Thee Floor
8. Calm and Collected
9. Electric Word
10. Total Mash
11. Fab (One Syllable)
12. Cadavre Exquis

mass transit 

cover Various Artists
"Mass transit"
Woodson Lateral Records

An amazing document of underground music put out by Woodson Lateral Records, and available here! The 15-song compilation includes tracks by: Wimbledon, Lover/Adapter, Deception Pass (now VIA), + many more.

Available from our friends at Woodson Lateral.

Track Listing:
1. The Sweet Science (aka The Dead Science)
    - Artificial Reef Association
2. Wimbledon - Trillion Million Million
3. Sysex - A Lonely Maim Building
4. Lover/Adapter - Winterfrog
5. Recidivist - May.03.2001
6. Trail vs Russia - The Most Expensive Joke
7. Mines - Sex and the City
8. Hello From Waveland - Trains and Earthquakes
9. The Getter Flash - Days of Living Velvet
10. Deception Pass (aka VIA) - Picture Comes to Life
11. The Building Press - Tightrope Walker
12. The Dutchflat - Love Your Brothers
13. exBestfriends - Three
14. Lamplighter - Patent Pending
15. Trucker of the Sea - Voice of Space


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